Join the Lab

Dr. Eng can supervise graduate students enrolled in the following programs at UBC:

  • Rehabilitation Sciences – MSc and PhD levels, must have health related background (e.g., physical therapy, kinesiology, psychology, biomedical)
  • Neuroscience – MSc and PhD levels in any discipline
  • Interdisciplinary Studies – MSc and PhD levels in any discipline
  • Engineering – Only as a co-supervisor

Potential graduate students or post-doctoral fellows interested in Dr. Eng’s research are advised to contact her directly well before graduate admission applications. She is happy to assist trainees with scholarship funding applications, but be advised that these are generally due in September one year prior to the proposed September start date. Details on available scholarships can be found on the page entitled “Scholarships”.

If you are interested in trainee opportunities in the lab, please email Dr. Eng your CV and unofficial transcripts.