Virtual Physical Activity Seated Exercise (V-PASE)


The Virtual Physical Activity Seated Exercise (V-PASE) study is an online seated exercise study that is completed in the comfort of your own home!

The purpose of this study is to:

  1. determine if an online seated exercise program can improve balance, walking capacity, quality of life, blood sugar levels and blood cholesterol levels in those with stroke, and 
  2. determine the suitability of the online seated exercise program in those with stroke.

All exercise sessions will be delivered by a trained instructor and exercises will be completed in a chair. 


Restricted or limited access to community and outpatient rehabilitation programs can impact the health of those living with a long term stroke. Although research has shown that exercises completed in a chair can improve upper and lower body function, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, no study has investigated these effects when delivered online.

Thus, the V-PASE study aims to investigate the effects of delivering a online seated exercise program balance and walking capacity in those with a stroke and mobility impairment.

 If the V-PASE study sounds of interest to you,

please click HERE for more details about what is involved in the study.