Former Trainees

Post-doctoral Fellows or Clinical Fellow:

  • Ada Tang, PhD (PT), Associate Professor, McMaster University
  • Adebimpe Obembe, PhD (PT), Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy, College of Saint Mary
  • Chieh-ling Yang, PhD (OT), Assistant Professor, Chang Gung University
  • Debbie Rand, PhD (OT), Senior Lecturer, Tel Aviv University
  • Brodie Sakakibara, PhD, Assistant Professor, Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy, University of British Columbia
  • Heather Underwood, MD, FRCPC, Clinical Assistant Professor, Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine, University of British Columbia
  • Jeremy Noble, MSc, PhD, Senior Instructor, University of New Brunswick
  • Louise Connell,  PhD (PT), Reader, University of Central Lancashire
  • Marie-Louise Bird, PhD (PT), Senior Lecturer, University of Tasmania
  • Marco Pang, PhD (PT), Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic
  • Maureen Ashe, PhD (PT), Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

Doctoral Students:
  • Beena Parappilly, BSc (Nursing), MSc (Nursing), PhD (Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Dominik Zbogar, MSc (Kinesiology), PhD (Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Jocelyn Harris, MSc (OT), PhD (Rehabilitation Sciences), Associate Professor, McMaster University
  • Lisa Simpson,  PhD (PT)
  • Rick Celebrini, BSc (PT), PhD (Rehabilitation Sciences), Co-Founder of Fortius Institute; Consultant to Vancouver Canucks and Vancouver Whitecaps
  • Riley Louie, PhD (PT)
  • Shannon Lim, PhD (PT)
  • Tara Klassen, BSc (PT), PhD (Physical Therapy), Research Associate

Master students:

  • Adrienne Hol, BSc (Kinesiology), MSc (Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Amira Tawashy, BSc (Psychology), MSc (Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Beth Ott, BSc (PT), MSc (Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Dan Marigold, BSc (Kinesiology), MSc, PhD, Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
  • Jocelyn Harris, BSc (OT), MSc, PhD (Rehabilitation Sciences), Associate Professor, McMaster University
  • Kristen Kokotilo, BSc (Psychology/Neurosciences), MSc (Neurosciences)
  • Lisa Inkster, BSc (PT), MSc (Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Lisa Simpson, BSc (OT), MSc (Neurosciences)
  • Maria Kim, BSc (PT), MSc (Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Melanie Lomaglio, BSc (PT), MSc (Rehabilitation Sciences)
  • Patrick McCrea, BASc (Engineering Physics), MASc (Mechanical Engineering), MD