Stroke Coach

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One in three persons after a stroke go on to have another stroke.  Lifestyle (physical activity, smoking, diet, taking medications regularly) can contribute to stroke risk factors. Stroke Coach study was a randomized controlled trial that used 6 brief monthly phone coaching sessions to improve healthy lifestyles in the first year following a stroke.  The study with 126 participants with stroke showed improvements in quality of life, as well as with glucose control, compared to an attention-matched control group who received a program on memory and thinking for the same amount of time.

A number of other variables were moving in the right direction, but did not reach significant. For example, Healthy lifestyles assessed by Health Promoting Lifestyle Profile II improved 10 points for the Stroke Coach group, while it improved 4 points with the Memory Control group. BMI improved (reduced) by 1 point for the Stroke Coach group, but worsened (increased) about 1 point for the Control group.